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Human resources

The undefeated spirit of the wounded hero

2017-09-29 15:57:13

      At dinner, we prospecting team captain TaoJun athletes still could not help but shed tears, too much unwilling and sad, five months of hard training, when the passion and struggle, and the players injured one by one. The coach and the rest of the team tried to persuade them to cry, but they didn't know what to say. Yeah, we've tried our best.
When lai xu, zhu yu, xu shi, huang tian's injuries collapsed, we already foresee the championship hopes very slim. But the rest of the players didn't give up, they stand up bravely, difficult points, trying to save, all people also do our best to cheer on off the court, the injured players will bandage tightly even want to continue playing.

    Help injured players                           Encourage each other in the game
The tenacious struggle of the game                             Player injury

Game over, dean Zhu Dongxiang, secretary of the party committee Huang Zhongliang leadership first thought was to comfort the players, and encourage everyone to the game is over, together, the "soul" is the biggest harvest, the transformation of the development for the unit into the spiritual power.
We had a collective sleepless night!

(Yang fan, construction group)

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