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The management system of construction group was completed successfully in 2017

2017-09-29 15:00:28

Standardize work order to improve work efficiency
The management system of construction group was completed successfully in 2017


What view in bureau chief work conference pointed out that in 2017, to further strengthen the system construction, completes the leak fill a vacancy, to ensure that the tube with the system power, the tube, steward, strengthen the system implement regulation supervisory. In order to implement the spirit of the implementation of the work of the bureau, the construction group started from march, and used more than 2 months to comb the current management system and main business processes.
This system revision and the business process comb involves a wide range of scope, long duration, the discussion of details, ensure that the system is more in line with enterprise development, and the business process management is more in line with the work needs. The group of 20 items and new revision management system management system eight, content involves the administrative personnel, financial audit and party-masses work, market development, project construction, safety production, technical quality, etc.
Revision in order to ensure the system and process carding work can be completed on schedule, group management and working process were evaluated for the rules and regulations, combing the existing problems, and clearly revised focus, and the revised fully discussed to finalized, ensure that all aspects of work smoothly in the future.
At present, the administrative department of the group and the office of the party committee have issued a revised and new management system, and a compilation of the management system for 2017. Next, in charge of the leadership in charge of the unit discharge plan, organize employees to learn new management system, and carry out all work in strict accordance with the new working process, make the system and process.

(construction group jiangxiaoxia)

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