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Safe production

The construction group Shanghai weantou river project implements the party construction joint construction work mechanism

2017-09-29 12:22:36

     In order to ensure the project to achieve "quality project", "" integrity project, finish construction task goal, on May 5, Shanghai road politics in construction group, Shanghai complete overhaul project organization department beheaded river governance party lianjian signing ceremony. Shanghai road, jiading district, political situation, the construction unit, supervision unit, JianGuanWei, jiading district, traffic detachment, jiading district, highway administration leadership and group and general manager of Shanghai branch danseur attend the activity.
At the ceremony, zang jingjing, project manager of the Shanghai road bureau, introduced the project overview and the importance and necessity of establishing the work mechanism of party building. The party branch secretary of the fourth branch of the political bureau of the road, ren dongbin, made a request for the construction of the construction work mechanism of the project party, and signed the contract with the construction unit. The construction unit issued the villagers' book to the representative of the local village committee, and my project department hired the village branch to supervise the construction of civilized construction, and issued the letter of appointment to it.
Political party secretary of Shanghai road Xu Xinzhong, said the party factory is to supply the new situation of the construction of the party organization innovation, in order to further enhance the level of party construction provides a new idea and new mode, factory based on this platform, the parties should share the party-building work experience, organized activities of party members, and tie for the party and the gripper, arouse the masses of party members and cadres of the cohesion and combat effectiveness, improve the level of grassroots party construction, common to create a good environment for the engineering construction, to ensure the smooth completion beheaded river governance supporting road overhaul project.
Line bridge, the project is in the original channel through beheaded river, eliminate black smelly water, on a road project scope involves treasure money hengjing bridge and river crossing pipeline, baoan highway road section 55 interchange ramp in poplar TangQiao and G1501 Sue home river crossing, etc. The construction group was built by the construction group of baoqian highway section, the project contract amount is 91.48 million yuan. The project will start on April 30, 2017. The project will be completed on December 30, 2017. The construction period will be 244 days. The completion of the project will further improve the quality of Shanghai's water environment.

(luo liwei, construction group)

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