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Safe production

Deputy director huang zhongmin visited ganzhou gold airport project safety production inspection

2017-09-29 11:21:14

      During the hot summer, July 18, deputy director of Huang Zhongmin led the leading group for safety in production line of four people braved the heat heat, into the construction group gold ganzhou airport viaduct project construction site, the inspection on the safety management of construction site. Group company vice President luchun equality group accompanied.
Huang zhongmin took a serious look at the safety of the construction site, the edge of the box girder, the protection of the bluff, and the safety of the scaffolding. According to the problems found in the inspection, huang asked the project department to take the responsibility and rectify the problems in a timely manner, so as to meet the requirements of the specification and never leave any security risks.
Xu Feng a meeting in the project department, project manager reporting to the project safety production situation, then the bureau of safe production team to safety in the industry data, safe construction scheme and safety measures of civilization usage and so on has carried on the detailed inspection.
Huang stressed that the construction site safety supervision must be constant, and must not have any luck and lethargy. To ensure the safety of production management is to constantly grasp every link, every detail, to eliminate the security management loopholes. Management personnel at all levels must be responsible for the enterprise, responsible for life safety, and create the achievement of the whole project "zero accidents". Only in this way can the whole project be safely operated, and the project construction task can be successfully completed on the basis of ensuring the quality and safety of the project.
Project manager xu feng said on behalf of the project department, we will immediately rectify the problem of the safety of the project. In the future construction work, we will be sure to grasp every detail of the construction, and speed up the construction progress and successfully complete all construction tasks under the precondition of ensuring safety and quality.

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