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Safe production

Safety is guaranteed in the first ten minutes of class

2017-09-29 15:46:17

    "Enter into the construction site to develop the habit of 'look at the sky and look around', avoid the danger source and guarantee the absolute safety of the operation area; It is forbidden to do process work alone. At least two pairs of work should be carried out and can be used to each other in an emergency.

     On the morning of August 23, construction group gold ganzhou airport reconstruction Xu Feng viaduct project manager and safety personnel GuanLi each construction team on site for the routine briefing, in plain blunt language, safety education to shift to all of you.
Such scenes are played every day at the construction site of the project. Project department through the briefing of workers in ten minutes, check the workers wear labor protection articles, confirm the state of mind of workers and to emphasize the labor discipline and safety considerations, like give you a dose of security "flu shot", in order to eliminate unsafe factors, to avoid safety accident. So far, the project has been under construction for nearly a year, and there has been no safety accident. (peng liang, construction group)

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