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Safe production

Construction group organizes the 2017 building safety management training meeting

2017-09-29 14:02:27


In order to further strengthen the work of safe production management, on 26 May, the construction group held the 2017 annual building safety management training meeting in nanchang organization.
, bureau of science and technology in hydraulic loop Lin Chun JuShu unit in charge of the safety management work, the head of the group company leadership and each branch company, office, project department, safety production management personnel, nearly 80 people to attend training. The training was moderated by vice general manager lu chunping.

The safety training invited construction of jiangxi province first construction co., LTD. Blue nine yuan, general Jiang Xishuang DE group Hu Biao general security experts, such as through a combination of theory and case, mainly taught safety production standardization, major hazards, the guard against five big harm to the construction site, safety accident cause analysis and prevention, etc., training to obtain the desired effect. (jiang xiaoxia li jing, construction group)

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