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Line operation

The construction group carried out the preparatory work for the renewal of the PPP project in three schools in leping

2017-09-29 12:06:18

      On August 21, vice mayor of leping and leping, head of the education sports bureau and jiangxi nonferrous construction group co., LTD. Leping primary school building, 12 13 reconstruction of primary school and sunshine new PPP project company representative zhi-hua gao, the project manager Luo Liwei, such as a line of people, proposed campus in three venues, the communication negotiations.
Both sides in the process of negotiation, we to leping 12 primary schools, 13 primary schools, Newport middle school, the PPP project prophase, the problems existing in the construction of the two sides have pre-project planning, contract schedule, schedule arrangement problem is discussed. One party in leping said it would step up coordination between local government departments to ensure the smooth entry of our company and ensure the completion of the construction nodes.
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