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Construction group Shanghai minhang new town project won the title of "most beautiful site"

2017-09-29 11:28:31

       On the morning of July 19, founded by minhang district of Shanghai to host the national civilized city work leading group office, cao town, minhang district construction and the management committee, the China build a spiritual civilization construction committee and Shanghai construction group co., LTD. Jointly undertake "gen QuanZong mobilization, everybody together to minhang district" to create the national civilized city eight areas of special operation construction site "and complete" sprint story theme activities, cao town 1106 project site in China.
Activities of the names of the top ten "most beautiful site" awards the demonstration projects, including construction group general contracting construction of xinzhuang town, minhang new MHC1024 unit 19-03 - a plot project won the title, a construction unit project manager Xia Lijun representative units came to accept. (summer lijun, construction group)

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