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Line operation

Construction group qianjiang nan qing avenue project completed more than half of the completion of National Day

2017-09-29 14:25:11

      The first phase of construction of the south ditch of chongqing qianjiang district, chongqing qianjiang district, as well as the first phase of the urban road of the qinggang city, as the main street of the new old town, has been closely watched by district leaders and local people since the construction began. On March 8, local TV reporter came to the project construction site to interview the report.
The project has more than 21.5 million square root excavation projects and more than 230,000 square ones. The left and right hole of the tunnel is 2.662 kilometers. Reinforced concrete slab culvert 5, new box culvert 4. By the time of the reporter's interview, the amount of work completed was over half.
For the implementation of qianjiang and owner required schedule, project department inversion period, further mechanical materials and other inputs, in import and export operation at the same time, elaborate organization, reasonable arrangement, the overall scheduling, structure, subgrade pavement construction progress and tunnel synchronization, to ensure that the project is open to traffic before the National Day. The tunnel is expected to open at the end of may and the left hole will open in early July. The road base of the green bars is completed in late April and the asphalt pavement is completed at the end of August. The tunnel was completed at the end of September.

Project manager zhou zongguang was interviewed by TV reporter
(ding xinhua, construction group)

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