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Line operation

Construction group qianjiang nanqing tunnel smoothly through the right hole

2017-09-29 14:10:52

     On June 5, at 21:00, the right hole of the south qingqing tunnel was first completed by the construction group of chongqing qianjiang district. The tunnel design of nanqing tunnel is divided into two lanes, two lanes, one hole and one hole. The right hole and left hole are all one-way tunneling construction. The right hole start-stop number is k0+039.0 ~ k1+ 360.0, and the total length is 1321.0 m. The port number of the left hole is k0+039.0 ~ k1+ 370.649. The total length is 1331.649 m.
The project since May 2016 construction projects department always put safety work in the first place, the owner and supervision company, under the support of the project department all cooperated-builing staff unite as one to overcome difficult, strengthening construction organization, timely adjust the construction plan, after 13 months of efforts, finally realizes the right tunnel through hole.

(ding xinhua, construction group co., LTD.)

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