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Line operation

The main bridge of no.1, ma tan bridge in zhaoping county, zhaoping county, guangxi, guangxi province

2017-09-29 13:53:07

      Recently, construction group of guangxi hezhou zhaoping county ring road No. 1 bridge standard ma beach, after all the preparatory work before pouring began 1 # 2 # pier, 2 # 3 # pier of the closed period of concrete pouring, on 28th smoothly at 4 in the morning, since the horse beach bridge all the final closure.

Ma tan bridge main bridge
      The main line of the plot is 3.926 km, all of which is a new project. Design speed 60 km/h, roadbed width 12 meters, cement concrete pavement. The bridge across for the ma beach, bridge 458.55 m long, and pile Numbers for K0 + 044.8 ~ K0 + 503.35, center pile number for K0 + 274, 90 ° Angle. The main bridge of navigable hole adopts the 4 span continuous girder bridge of 60+2 x 100+ 60m, and USES the construction technology of triangular hanging basket. The right bank is set 2 by 16m cast-in-place reinforced concrete continuous slab girder bridge, the left bank is set 4-by-25mt girder bridge, the bridge deck is wide 9m, and the two sides are 1.75m walkway, the whole bridge is 12.5m wide. The main bridge has two sides of huangcun side and huangyao side. The bridge of huangcun has a post structure. (liu qionghua, construction group)

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