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The construction group was awarded 220 million yuan EPC project

2017-09-29 12:09:19


On April 18, the construction group was awarded a total investment of 22.5 million yuan for the construction of the project of the project of the construction of rain pollution diversion in wuyuan county in wuyuan county. The construction fund came from the financial allocation.
The project has been approved for construction.
The project is a typical project of EPC general contracting mode. Its bidding scope covers investigation, preliminary design, construction drawing design and construction, procurement of construction equipment and installation and commissioning. The construction of the project includes 38 sewage rehabilitation roads and a total length of about 31.64 km. The rain water transformation road 10, the new rainwater pipe network total length about 11.42 km. The road is transformed into eight roads, with a total length of about 6.49 km. A 1.15km spillway was built and 7 new intercepting Wells were built. In addition, there are several residential areas, such as wuyuan family, hotels and other construction content.
EPC general contracting mode is a kind of widely used current international engineering contracting contract mode, is also in the current domestic construction market by our government and our current "building law" actively advocating and promoting a contracting mode, this contract already include real estate development, the domestic large municipal infrastructure construction, was adopted in the construction market.
The project won the bid, first open construction group construction of EPC project general contracting mode, is also a group to further advance the manifestation of the total project contract, an important step for the group diversification development.

(liu qi, construction group)

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