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Construction group golden plaza project completed basement negative one floor excavation

2017-09-29 14:37:30

     On July 27, negative layer of basement construction group golden plaza project earthwork digging work smoothly, completed a total of earthwork digging a shipment quantity of about 180000 square, has laid a solid foundation for further construction.
The project is located to the west of wuyuan road, south of tea garden street, west of nanchang city. The project includes three high-rise buildings on the ground, two underground basement floors and a total construction area of about 69800 square meters.
Due to the fact that the rainfall in nanchang in June is more than that in the same period of the year, and the duration is long, the environment of earthwork excavation is poor, and the construction progress is slow. To this end, the project department adjusted the excavation plan timely, caught the rainy day, snatched the sunny day, and rationally allocated the investment in the mining and transportation machinery. Next, other related work will be launched. (yu Yang, construction group)

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