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The construction group tianhe bridge "six hundred percent" to cooperate with the construction of environmental protection

2017-09-29 15:51:21

      In order to cooperate with the environmental protection bureau of guangshan county, henan province, to improve the environmental air quality of the whole county, the project department of the construction group of tianhe bridge will be a great place to work in the field of dust control.
On the system arrangement has been clear about the target tasks and the responsibilities for the control of air pollution, include the main environmental indexes, including air quality in all departments responsibility appraisal, promote implement the responsibility system for environmental targets.
Construction site do "six hundred" namely: construction sites around 100% WeiDang, materials piled up 100% coverage, 100% of cars in flushing (stationary flushing), construction site ground 100% sclerosis (temporary exposed part adopts the federated eye network covering), 100% wet operations, demolition and construction site waste residue 100% airtight transportation vehicle.

The mesh covers                                  Spray equipment
      In the construction site also installed the PM10, PM2.5 and dust on-line automatic monitoring equipment, the amount of noise fog gun equipment and spraying equipment, according to the result of dust on-line automatic monitoring timely spray dust and other measures.
                                     Fog gun equipment                                     
 Dust online automatic monitoring equipment
      Through the efforts of the project department, the environmental protection work on the site was passed through the environmental supervision of the project in guangshan county, henan province, on September 4. (wang minghua, construction group)

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