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Zhu xiamao to construction group Zambia and Tanzania project to carry out research

2017-09-29 15:03:20

       On July 4, the deputy director, zhu xiaogan, director of the bureau of financial assets, liu kai, went to Zambia and Tanzania for a seven-day market research. Construction group party secretary huang zhongliang, deputy general manager liu strong accompany.

      Arrived in Lusaka, Zambia's capital, after Zhu Xiaomao without rest, dusty to Zambia construction group company to undertake the geological exploration project of production line, for the whole machine construction progress, drilling core and so on has carried on the earnest understanding. We also visited the staff who were working in the machine building and inquired about their work and life situation, and offered sincere sympathy to the staff who stuck to the overseas frontline.
      At the office, zhu spoke to all staff members. Zhu Xiaomao thanked the zambian company staff hard work, also asked the staff to strengthen the foreign language learning and professional technology, make full use of geological professional and technical advantages, actively explore thinking, aggressive who dares to take root in Africa, want to have a strong sense of responsibility and mission, explore the African market for global efforts. Zambia, head of the company's business to follow on their own mine mining situation, the progress of the work, thought and management, difficulties, and the next step of work arrangement and so on five aspects are introduced.
      During his time in Zambia, zhu also visited the international Zambia office in jiangxi province to study and talk to xiong jianjun, director of the center of the international Zambia office in jiangxi province. The two sides have conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on the business management model, the financial management system and the laws and regulations of the mining and engineering construction in Zambia and the future development situation.
      In Tanzania, original Zhu Xiaomao and Tanzania coastal areas and head of government's Wan Tum mahaney woman met, just the two of its plot to seek cooperative development of information conducted in-depth understanding, and to research on the spot.
Through in-depth investigation, zhu believes that both Zambia and Tanzania, both in the mining market and in the construction market, are promising and worthy of intensive cultivation. (construction group yikai)

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