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Build civilized city, we are on the road

2017-09-29 14:58:13

    Create civilized city, let civilization and city colleague, civilization construction only beginning has no end point, always on the road.

Clean the road
      In order to actively respond to ganzhou gold airport office to establish the national civilized city, the reconstruction and power to the call of ganzhou city civilization construction work, the afternoon of May 19 construction group gold ganzhou airport reconstruction project members have picked up a cleaning tool department took to the streets, consciously when cleaning up a civilized city, everyone together to clean the road, clean up the dirty. After hours of cleaning, the clean and tidy roads are particularly dazzling in the sunset.
"Every person living in ganzhou is the beneficiary of a civilized city, and is the creator of a civilized city and a civilized city that needs your help," said guan li, head of the environmental protection management at the construction site. (xu duqiang, construction group)

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