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Discipline inspection

Say no to "red envelopes"

2017-09-29 14:47:48

    On April 15, wang yijun, chief engineer of the test center of the construction group, took a team of eight people to a certain area of nanchang county for inspection activities. Arrived at the test site, a construction unit to detect, head of the team began to issue "envelope" (means "red envelopes"), Wang Yijun immediately stop, refuse to accept the "envelope", a solemn position and attitude: "this is our work, completes the inspection work is our responsibility, do not need to make this!" We did a good job of sampling and testing, and we didn't get back to work until 6 p.m.
No one in the detection group took the envelope.
As a third party unit, the testing center of construction group has higher professional and authoritative quality test report, and the quality of the report is very important to the impact of the construction unit.
Perhaps, there is still a phenomenon of "hongbao" in society. There are, perhaps, such "rules" in some industries. But dare to say no to "red envelope", it is really happening in the construction group test center wang yi army and so on 8 employees.
Test center of construction group of employees, every year there are a large number of out quality inspection business, however, every time go out, they are all in line with the group and responsible attitude to the center, to the consigner, conscientiously do a good job in self-restraint law of the people to cherish their "feather".
The formation of a fresh air unit wind is atmosphere, cannot leave the unit in the department of party and government to govern determination, also cannot leave the discipline inspection commission long-term grasp early often catch a small, tightly packed "integrity net" the inner self. (wan lei, construction group)