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The 96th anniversary of the founding of the CPC - the liangjia river

2017-09-29 10:37:08

      On June 29, in celebration of the 96th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China, the party committee of the group corporation of the corporation of our company came to yan 'an, shaanxi province. The first feeling here is that the traditional culture of the revolution is strong, and the sense of history is very strong. It makes us feel deeply the difficulties of the revolution and the difficulty of winning. It is also deeply felt that the arduous struggle and hard-won achievements of the revolutionary development process, the unique charm of the loess plateau, is fascinating. In the next two days trip, we visit learning "Liang Guhe site" respectively "nanniwan gallery" mass production "yenan battle subject-live performance" "yangjieling revolutionary site" "Wang Guping site" in areas such as the "revolution in zaozhuang site" "forever", which let me feel the deepest is "Liang Guhe".
In the 1860s, the village of liangjihe, like all the ordinary villages in China, lived a hard and quiet life with the help of a meal, a sunrise and a sunset. In 1969 MAO zedong called for "knowledge youth to go to the countryside". In the village of liangjiahe, 15 people from Beijing have a good life. This is the man who made the three characters "liang jiahe" famous for his name, xi jinping. Since then, they have started the sunrise with the villagers, the harvest of the sun, the autumn harvest, the picking of dung, coal, and the life of the dam. In that year, when xi was 15 years old, huang had accepted him with his broad mind, and he repaid it with sincerity and honesty in return for a land of great suffering and love.
We saw display of jinping visit Canton exhibition, "" I am the son of, the article spoke of when he is a child at the age of 15, from the city at one fell swoop into the mountainous area of shaanxi province was settled in, without friends, life is not to adapt, through a variety of training, the" five customs ": one is the flea, 2 it is food, three is ShengHuoGuan, four is labor, five is thought. The flea and the thought were very touching. A was born in Beijing, grew up zhongnanhai, have never seen a flea lad, by Liang Guhe, summer almost lay sleeping in a flea heap, a bit scratched, and swelling, but two years later, no matter how to bite, so sleeping soundly. The guanzhong had thought, he gradually into the crowd, learned farming technology, learn to farmers seeking truth from facts, the spirit of the bear hardships and stand hard work, "especially with their stable simple quality affects me, Shared with me." "When I was 15 years old, I was lost and lost," he wrote. When I left the land at 22, I had a determined life goal and I was confident.
Xi jinping in Liang Guhe 7 years, never adapt to adapt to and from the bad impression to nominate him as the "leader" in the village of nearly 200 people, xi jinping, when the brigade party branch secretary, I've always wanted to find a breakthrough point to promote the development of the economy. By chance he saw in the People's Daily front-page news, is a lot of places in sichuan province has introduced biogas, he thought to solve Liang Guhe lack of wood, and coal to methane. After that, I organized people to study in sichuan province. After learning, I built the first biogas pool in liang jia river.
In the visit to the liang jia river, it is also deeply felt that comrade xi jinping is a man of love and righteousness. In the early years, the villager liang yaoyang's wife became ill. After xi knew that, he sent a thousand yuan to the doctor, then 1000 yuan was not a decimal; In 1994, the villager lv hou was ill. At that time, xi was working in fuzhou, and he received the medical treatment from fuzhou hospital and so on. During the visit to the village history museum, I saw four letters from xi jinping to liang jiahe. In 2007 and 2008, I wrote back to the village people. In 2011, I wrote to the village officials chunyang and baoxiong in 2014. Especially after the general secretary, the daily life of the village leader chunyang, baoxiong letter in time to reply to make people feel great. In each letter, he was concerned about the construction and economic development of the village. "Yan 'an is suffering from severe and persistent rain, and I have been thinking about the villagers in the village," wrote the 2014 reply. "I have said that a well-off life is not a comfortable life. Let the folks in the village and the national farmers live a well-off life together, has always been my dream ", we can find that the general secretary via Liang Guhe thought of the broad masses of farmers across the country, in the heart of let the "hometown" as soon as possible to live a well-off life.
Liang Guhe in recent years through the development of apple planting, breeding, such as per capita income reached 9600 yuan, every family to use tap water, opened to the Internet, the old people enjoy the basic pension, the villagers have health insurance, children can accept the good education, Liang Guhe the change of the small village, is an epitome of the development of Chinese society since the reform and opening up.
The journey of the liang jiahe gave us one of the most vivid party sex of education; We have faith in ourselves. The old site is still, have the feeling, have the wonder! The hard life of that year has been far away from us, but the spirit of hard struggle has always been in our hearts. As a construction worker, must be dedicated to the job, based on the dedication. In the work, we should face up to the sacrifice of personal interests more, do a line, love a line, drill a line, do our duty, with great enthusiasm to do good work. To this faith, we actively, the heart want to toward one place, interest makes toward one place, starts from oneself, start from around things, try to overcome difficulties on our road of advance, the arduous struggle the spirit, the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly its growing presence in daily work. We will take this as a driving force, in our own post, pioneering and innovating, working hard to make a positive contribution to the construction of the motherland.
Jiangxi nonferrous construction group co. LTD
wen Xia Lijun

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