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Carry forward the family wind transmission is clean

2017-09-29 10:34:40


On June 2, prospecting Huang Zhongliang secretary gave all the party members and cadres, the construction of good family trait Promote the party's style of government ethics "report, from the three aspects points out the importance of cultivating good family trait, let all the party members and cadres not only can realize good start-up cultivation of good style of work, also can develop good government ethics. As anti-corruption the first line of disciplinary inspection staff, the risk and temptation is more outstanding, how to do the age of comprehensive should insist on the party's task is quite stiff in the former, stood clear stock of corruption's point of view, to purify the start-up has a very important role, therefore also specifically for party members and cadres to order to promote good family trait and business books.
It is hoped that this kind of through the practice and development of good home wind, form a clear flow, become a kind of the home wind atmosphere that infiltrates warmth and warmth, spread the soft culture that is clean and clean.


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