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The activities of the party branch of the exploration house are distinctive

2017-09-29 15:37:14

The activities of the party branch of the exploration house are distinctive
Project management party branch: the construction party, the benefit party

There are 19 members of the project management branch of the prospecting institute, accounting for 37 percent of the number of active members. They are the main force of the construction production, and also the vanguard role model for the construction project department.
In the process of normalization and institutionalization of the two studies, the party members of the project branch have studied the party rules and regulations and implemented the "qualified party members". Last year construction group YunZhan high-speed TJ7 standard pipe branch members, at the beginning of the project manager has organized, project department self-raised 10 ten thousand yuan for compound stone tamura, build up the "love", this year on June 1, a pipe branch of party members, the long slope along the sky lanterns park project manager OuYangLong state-level counties where organizations project department members came to wide changshun paramagnetic center kindergarten, "June 1" children's day with the kids, and donate 10000 yuan worth of supplies, compassion.

Long shun kindergarten to give the flag
They hold the good tradition of the courtyard for many years, and spread the love idea of "the construction side, the benefit party" to the construction site.
Ganzhou golden airport temporary party branch: the hot summer day sends cool and cool little care warm heart
During the hot fire, for a better let line construction personnel of production safety, prevent hot summer heat stroke, to ensure the construction personnel health, on June 19, projects of construction group gold ganzhou airport viaduct project temporary party branch to take the lead, bought wind, toilet water, ageratum water, jintan, cooling oil cooling purposes such as goods, by the project manager and branch Xu Feng and, first secretary of the party branch secretary of Andy, items will be issued to a line homework personnel, construction workers take care to heart.

Release heat and cooling drugs
Distribute heat supplies at the same time, the project department safety personnel GuanLi also to construction work personnel to carry out the safety in production, cooling purposes and heatstroke emergency knowledge propaganda and education, and ask the workers in the work place must be in accordance with the provisions, dress, it is forbidden to wear vest, shorts, sandals, slippers to enter workplaces or shirtless homework. Andy told construction management personnel in the high temperature operation, pay attention to the cooling purposes, and urge the construction team and reasonable arrangement and adjust schedules, as far as possible to avoid high temperature period construction, ensure adequate drinking water, construction site added to a certain amount of ageratum upright fluid, prevent heatstroke.
Although these supplies are not valuable, it expresses the small concern of the temporary party branch of the project to the workers, and also brings a bit of comfort and coolness to the hot summer day.
Temporary branch of Shanghai project: conducting "singing the party" speech campaign
To commemorate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China, inherit and carry forward the party's fine tradition, create a thick atmosphere of enterprising, were the first to fight for their superior, on June 15th, temporary construction group Shanghai branch and general contractors association of Shanghai municipal general hospital, on the eve of the arrival of "July 1" in the project department to carry out the "party lianjian merit and competition, sing party" speech activities.
Huang zhen, the head of the group and the first secretary of Shanghai temporary branch, delivered a keynote speech. He said: "this miraculous land in Shanghai, the party's advanced thought, create a shocked the world miracle in the pudong new area, we coming from jiangxi red for the construction of the team, absorb learn advanced ideas and technology, Shanghai with municipal general hospital, work hard, for jiading day more blue, water is more green, road more tight, dedicate a force, our wedding gifts for the party's birthday."
The event was successfully managed by the secretary of the branch, xia lijun, and the members of the branch. (ouyang lung xudu of the mining court)

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