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The 66th anniversary of the founding of the mine was a great event

2017-09-29 15:20:33

The 66th anniversary of the founding of the mine was a great event
Activity 1: "return to yan 'an to see mother"
6月29日,探矿院(建设集团)33A member of the communist party of China has embarked on a journey to study on the theme of "inheriting the red gene and promoting the spirit of yan 'an" by taking high-speed rail to the red revolutionary shrine and the home of the Chinese nation.
The first stop is liangjia river, seeking general secretary's primary heart. Liangjiahe, a small mountain village deep in the loess plateau of northern shaanxi, is the second home of xi's youth. When we arrived, the place was hot and sunny, and the flowers were in full bloom.

Photo taken by the liangjiahe village committee
33 members under the narrator lead on, visited the educated youth warping DAMS, the educated youth lives, Liang Guhe village historiographers, shaanxi first pool, well educated youth, feel general secretary xi 7 years living in caves, sleep heatable adobe sleeping platform, endurance flea bites hard, feel he is rooming with villagers eat pick dung, highway, dam building biogas, do the iron industry sewing club, build the mill outlet store such as a service for the people "beginner's mind".
"Only when I came to the liangjia river did I really get to the heart of general secretary xi," said ruan kai, the head of the party branch of the market management branch of the exploration house. When he is green, he knows the masses, is close to the masses, seek truth from facts, is not afraid of difficulties, and takes responsibility. And this feeling is not only general secretary xi, should be the majority party member cadre learns to have."
It was general secretary xi's "beginner's mind" in the river that attracted so many learning experiences from all over the country.
The second station Yang jialing, feeling the feelings of the older generation revolutionaries. In yangjieling, we visited chairman MAO lived in caves, many of his important works are done in this cave, such as the theory of new democracy "in the yanan literature and art symposium speech" "reform our study", "rectify the party's style of" familiar writings such as "oppose stereotyped party writing. A Zhang Xiaoshi cave in front of the table, it is at this Zhang Shi table, chairman MAO zedong met with American journalist Anna Louise strong, put forward the "all reactionaries are paper tigers" famously said.
Yangjieling, we also visited a match well of Chinese and western style building, the central hall, seven of the communist party of China is held in this, the party's seven to MAO zedong thought into the party constitution, for the first time for the party's solidarity and direction. You walk while watching listening to, the Anti-Japanese War, campaigns and the liberation war history picture here one by one, as if bring everyone back to the ferment time, heart is shocked, feel the happiness of today is how hard-won.
At the third stop, the south mud bay, oneself begin to eat well. When we set foot on the land of nanmud, there were beautiful countryside, the smell of rice flowers in the air, and the wisps of red memories.
Time and tide keep the spirit alive. More than half a century ago, the 359 members of the brigade hoe and steel play and stirring paean, still echoed in the sky of the nanniwan, splashing and blood with life hero of the epic, still the talk of the earth of the motherland.
As an important part of yan 'an spirit, the spirit of "diy and abundant food" is always an incentive for the party and the nation to be inexhaustible.
Fourth stand date garden, learn the marxism in cave. With respect to the proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation, we came to the fourth stop of the study. In October 1943 to March 1947, MAO zedong, zhou enlai, zhu DE, jen pi-shih, liu shaoqi, zhang wentian, peng dehuai, etc. The older generation of revolutionaries successively by yangjieling moved here live, zaoyuan also became the seat of the CPC central committee.

Date garden listens to party class
Secretary of the central committee of the communist party of China is in the living during the rectification movement led the whole party and the military and civilian production campaigns, preparing for seven of the communist party of China, leading the national army and the people made the final victory of the Anti-Japanese War, and has carried on the tit-for-tat struggle with the kuomintang die-hards, to smash the kuomintang reactionaries of all-out civil war are fully prepared.
Party members in zaoyuan on the grass, listen to the profound lesson party class yanan cave of the marxism-leninism, the communist party of China (yan 'an municipal party committee party school professor Liu Yansheng from what is marxism-leninism about caves, explaining to people how elaborated the caves marxism-leninism background, spiritual connotation and in today's era of inherit and carry forward the cave of marxism-leninism important realistic significance. The elaboration, vivid and humorous words let the students concentrate, deeply deeply education. The lecture was punctuated by bursts of applause. Party members said it was a profound lesson in inheriting the revolutionary tradition and an unforgettable lesson in the ideals and beliefs. Through the study, the soul is purified and the thought sublimated.
We drove to the square. It was here that chairman MAO attended the memorial meeting for the martyrs of zhang side and gave an important speech to the people's service.
The fifth stop, "back to yan 'an, put your hands on baota mountain". Baota mountain is the last stop of our visit. She is the symbol and symbol of yan 'an. It is said that only the climb of baota mountain has been counted as yan 'an.

Photo taken at pagoda mountain
At the foot of the hill, looking up at the towering pagoda mountain, I can't help thinking of the poet's "back yan 'an", "the heart of the heart, not to jump, dust and my eyes... My hands cling to the loess and I cling to my heart. Several back in the dream back yan 'an, hands holding baota mountain. A thousand voices call you - mother yan 'an is here!
Despite the scorching sun, it was three days' journey. But all the members of the party were inspired by yan 'an's spirit along the way. Under the leadership of party secretary huang zhongliang, everyone abandoned the electric car and boarded the mountain.
Overlooking yan 'an city on the pagoda hill, the high buildings of the river and the water on both sides of the river, the streets are full of traffic, making people feel the history of the revolutionary holy land. Once again, all the party members took the oath under the banner of the hill, and the solemn oath echoed on the top of the mountain, and everyone was enthusiastic.
Yanan trip, we deeply feel the human culture of northern shaanxi loess plateau, feeling the yanan as a revolution in the city, heavy feeling of chairman MAO's great man's hard work, self-reliance, feel the party's new generation of leaders of seeking truth from facts, the spirit of continuous innovation.
Thinking back to these days, the "back to yan 'an" echoes all the time:
The red flag of yangjialing is high, the revolution is high tide!
Under the pagoda mountain, chairman MAO stepped on tian 'anmen!
The light of the jujube garden is shining, and the river rolls in and shouts "forward!"
A colloid... Youth league... Red scarf, walking our heroes a few generations...
The socialist road is striding, the glorious yanhe is still ahead!
The wings of the wings, the feet of the clouds, then back to yan 'an to see the mother!
(fan yumei/wen tao army/photo)
Activity 2: "civilized travel, from I start" party member volunteer activity
On the morning of July 1, prospecting the hospital authority party volunteers came to nanchang cui yuan road intersection near the vegetable market, to assist the traffic police directing traffic, because here near the vegetable market, traffic pressure is very big, all kinds of traffic uncivilized phenomenon occurs frequently. Volunteers incarnation civilization traffic controllers set an example with actions to advocate the civilization comity, discouraging the uncivilized behavior, take concrete actions to influence people around, hope "car to let a person, let the car" become a charming scenery beautiful nanchang.
    Directing traffic                                    Tidying up a Shared bike
Volunteers with self-provided scrubbing cleaning tools of public bicycle, bus line sign, sit chair, etc., and will put good, bicycle urged people to love in this way the public facilities, one for all, all for one. (what)
Activity 3: visit the site of the new fourth army division of nanchang army
The lost is the smoke
, the unquenchable is the spirit. It is the countless revolutionary martyrs who are not afraid of sacrifice to have the new China today.
The new fourth army military division is located in nanchang city. On January 6, 1938, the army department of the new fourth army was formally established in nanchang. The establishment of the new fourth army, a major event in the early days of the war of resistance against Japan, marked the growing development of anti-japanese armed forces led by our party.

Listen carefully to the old site of the new fourth army
On the morning of June 30, on the eve of the party's birthday, nine party members and members of the party were admitted to the museum of the new fourth army headquarters in nanchang. The narrator vividly brings you back to the age of ideal, conviction, and passion.
After the visit, everybody said, through a tour of the revolutionary site, watch the physical objects and graphic display, vividly felt under the leadership of the communist party of China and its people's army during the revolution of the arduous history, and the communist party member to national independence is not afraid of sacrifice the enterprising spirit, in the future to their ordinary work play an exemplary role, do an irresponsible people, not party, make a person to the society. (what)

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