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Party Building

The party committee of the construction group held a heart-to-heart talk with party members of the temporary party branch of ganzhou gold airport viaduct

2017-09-29 15:09:40

      In accordance with the unified construction group party committee's deployment, on June 22 afternoon, such as construction group party secretary Huang Zhongliang line, carry out the reconstruction project of ganzhou gold airport viaduct project temporary party branch department party member comrade heart-to-heart talk.
Huang Zhongliang respectively as the main negotiator for temporary party branch secretary of Andy, organization committee member and member in charge of publicity Xu Feng, disciplinary inspection committee members left three new ping such as the party member comrade to talk to talk, to understand and master the thought of talking object, study, work, style of work and family situation, help find find talk to object the existing shortcomings and problems, analyze the root of the problem, a clear direction, puts forward the method to correct and requirements, and require all party member comrade to strengthen the study of party to build a clean government related knowledge, grasp the new situation of the current style of honest construction and anti-corruption work, study in the discipline, the bureau party committee, the courtyard (department) about the party's style of honest construction and anti-corruption relevant documents or requirements, do a good job in this position clean point of risk prevention and control, strengthen the supervision of the department staff disciplinary situation.
In the project department set up temporary party branch, will be extended to the grass-roots party's request, stiff cover all party members, the party's line, principles and policies as well as the construction group management system and work requirements can timely and effectively communicate to the project department, make the grass-roots unit, party members and the general staff in a timely manner to understand and grasp the party's policy, conscientiously perform group in all kinds of management system, grasp the right direction. (peng liang, construction group)

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