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Party Building

The center and the exploration institute conducted a discussion on party construction

2017-09-29 13:44:18

A pleasant experience meeting
The center and the exploration institute conducted a discussion on party construction

     On the morning of April 28, hu guiping, secretary of the party committee of the center for the care and management of the center of the department of physical education and the secretary of the discipline inspection commission of the communist party of China (CPC) committee of the communist party of China (CPC) came to the office of the exploration institute (construction group), and huang zhongliang, the party secretary of the party committee, expressed a warm welcome. The two sides held talks on party building, discipline inspection and other work. Huang zhongliang and hu guiping respectively introduced the experience of this unit in the party building and party clean construction in recent years. The disciplinary inspection department also conducted in-depth discussions on how to use the control of "four forms" and the control of post risk points.
"It's good, it's worth learning," "it's a good bookmark, and we'll sign it back." "how do you feel?" "And" of course it's great! In this relaxed and happy atmosphere, the two units of the exploration engineering institute and the center of the management of the center have in-depth discussions.
The two sides agreed that the party's work should focus on strengthening the strong foundation and working hard in strengthening the protection and role of the organization. Discipline inspection should highlight the integrity of the discipline, in strengthening organizational discipline and performance of "two responsibilities". The publicity work should highlight the energizing, in the transmission of positive energy and cohesion.
Through this exchange study, some party building advanced ideas and methods of work have been borrowed from each other. The two sides have broadened their horizons, expanded their working ideas and deepened the friendship between the brothers. (li yanyan, diao xiang, diao xiangguan center)

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