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Xingguo to ganxian expressway B8

2017-09-19 10:27:41

       The blocks according to the bid construction blocks are divided into B8, route overall trend from north to south, existed pile K70 + 760 and K72 + 296.311 (with jiangxi expressway crossing pile K120 + 300), line the total length of 1.537 kilometers, the starting point is located in the county town HuangLong Village MAO shop nearby, the finish and the mansion rong rui jiangxi section of high speed and ganzhou city highway, for the county east hub interchanges project, located in the county town near shangba MAO shop.
The route design speed line is 100km/h, the ramp is 40km/h, the roadbed width is 26m, and the ramp width is 8.5m, 10.5m and 12m.
This section is the docking and renovation project of the east hub of ganxian county. The main line is 1.536 kilometers long, and the ramp is 7.83 kilometers long. The main line bridge is 211.3 meters / 3, the ramp bridge is 410 meters / 5, the separation type overpasses 1, the culvert 21, channel 3. The contract cost 205 million yuan and the contract period is 20 months.

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