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Yunzhan expressway project TJ7 contract section

2017-09-19 10:22:16

       First TJ7 YunZhan highway engineering contract section, the main line and end point of the pile number for K91 + 000 ~ K97 + 000, the total length of 6.0 km route, line the total length of 505 m / 5 Bridges, the bridge is 430 m long / 2, tin long 75 m / 3, culvert 22 (including the han type that channel 15), excavation of about 1.1122 million roadbed, fill about 1.1932 million square, service area 1 (pool service area). The whole section of the bridge pile has 124 roots, 20 chengtai, 112 pier (Taiwan), 205 pier (Taiwan) cap, and 192 prefabricated box beams. The contract amount is about RMB 170 million, and the contract is planned to be from October 2015 to May 2017 for 20 months.

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