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Zhu dongxiang, general manager of construction group, went to the scene of the project

2017-09-08 09:24:31

      From May 20 to 21, chairman of construction group, general manager zhu dongxiang, deputy general manager zou peilin, and lu chun have been on an equal line in the first phase of the project of the urban road project of qianjiang south ditch.

      Zhu dongxiang heard the progress report of the project, understanding the current construction progress, quality control, safety and integrity, contract management, measurement payment, risk prevention and other aspects. Zhu dongxiang affirmed the current situation of the project, and put forward several requirements. Firstly, the construction progress was promptly implemented, and the requirements of the local government construction period were implemented to maintain the color image of jiangxi. Second, take effective measures to ensure the safety of the project, especially when the tunnel is near the tunnel. Third, strengthen cooperation among all parties and actively coordinate and communicate with each other to solve practical difficulties; Fourth, do well in the party construction work, strictly request oneself, orderly standard management. Lu chunping and zou peilin have put forward the requirements of risk prevention, measurement payment, safety management, labor management, cost control and so on.
Deng Wenrui representative projects department, said the project manager must implement the group company related requirements, to solve the current project construction difficult problems, such as tunnel, to project the image in the three months to the next level, the successful completion of construction tasks.

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