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Compilation of management system of jiangxi nonferrous construction group co., LTD. (2015)

2017-09-19 10:58:02

       To strengthen system construction group company, further improve the system of corporation system, strive to strengthen the enterprise culture foundation, in 2015, according to company work deployment, group company administration organization authority of each department office of the management system established since 2002, the company conducted a comprehensive combing, and revised a look.tibetan, named "jiangxi nonferrous construction group co., LTD. Management system assembly" (hereinafter referred to as "the management system of assembly"). In order to ensure the timeliness of the management system compilation, the company intends to make a comprehensive revision of the management system compilation every year since 2015. The 2015 edition of the management system compilation has been completed as scheduled. It is now being issued, and all units are requested to comply with the implementation.
The management system of assembly (2015 edition) compiled by the management system related to administrative affairs, human resources, financial assets, legal affairs and party-masses work, market development, project construction, safety production, technical quality, contract, auditing the eleven aspects such as management, includes 58 management system, including 13 administrative affairs management, human resources management 14, nine financial assets management, legal affairs management, paragraphs 1 and 3 party-masses work management, market development and management 7, 2 project construction management, safety production management, paragraphs 1 and 3 technical quality management, contract management, paragraphs 3 and 2 audit management.
The management system compilation (2015 edition) mainly includes the company's current routine management system, which facilitates the inspection of daily work. Limited to space, a few unused current management systems are not included. In the course of execution, the management system, paragraph and item of management system collected in the compilation of the management system (2015 edition) shall be interpreted by the relevant functional departments of the company; If you have different opinions or Suggestions, please give timely feedback to the administrative department of the company for further improvement.
Due to the limited level editor, add a short timeframe, the management system of assembly (2015 edition) in the design of system arrangement, file extraction, text proofreading error is inevitable, many aspects, such as printing in this company all staff please understanding and ask for comment!

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