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Notice of good rainy season flood prevention work

2017-09-19 10:57:25

Regarding to live according to the province construction hall, issued the flood season and during the period of "May Day" notice of construction safety in production work instructions spirit, combining the reality of the company, ensure the safety of the rainy season, the flood season environment are informing the current flood prevention work is as follows:
First, further improve our understanding and make full preparations for flood prevention and flood prevention. All units should attach great importance to it, keep a clear mind, overcome the paralytic thought, and strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency of the flood prevention work from the global height.
Ii. Formulated a flood control emergency plan and established a flood control leadership group. The units should form flood control teams, strengthen organizational leadership, and clarify responsibilities and tasks. We will conscientiously implement the system of responsibility, establish the first responsible person, and the members of the team will carry out their duties according to the division of work, and carefully check and check to ensure that the flood control work is carried out effectively.
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Third, strengthen the investigation, solve the security hidden trouble. Units leading group for flood control and combined with the actual situation in each respective project, for their respective jurisdiction as dangerous kiln dangerous house, water, landslide area, warping DAMS, hazard monitoring and screening done, does not go through the motions, leave no dead Angle, the hidden perils in the environment into the daily management, especially the construction of various projects department team during the rainy season and the construction of the need for staff on duty at night, report to higher authorities in time when problems found. We will gradually standardize and institutionalize the safety of rainy season and flood season.
Fourth, strictly guard against, effectively implement various defense measures. Timely grasp the flood forecast, set up warning signs about dangerous location, just days before the arrival of the rainy season, the flood season, organize emergency drills, found that the problem solves promptly, truly the various security measures in place.
Five, each unit will list members of the leading group for flood control and flood prevention and contingency plans and other relevant documents submitted to company safety management (email: address: jiangxi nanchang red valley beach district fung and avenue of city building 17th floor).
May 15, 2015

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