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Nanchang west passenger station property building has a prize for the event

2017-09-19 10:56:34

       The naming of buildings is an important part of enterprise culture construction. It is convenient for people to identify and enhance the visibility of enterprises in the region, and it can also show the company's own emotional and cultural characteristics. At present, the company is located in the nanchang high railway station in the building of the real estate building to begin construction, now need to name the building. In order to motivate the staff's ownership, the company decided to carry out the award for all employees. The programme is as follows:
I. collection scope
The entire staff of the group company.
Ii. Naming principles
(1) use Chinese naming, with a brief and profound meaning; Each name is composed of 2 to 6 Chinese characters to avoid the occurrence of words and "colored" words. The applicant should give a brief explanation of the meaning of each name.
(2) it must conform to the state law and conform to the social morality, and must not have any feudal or unhealthy colors and eliminate plagiarism.
(3) the name of the building should reflect the function of the building, but also show the real estate value and regional characteristics, and realize the organic combination of the two.
Iii. Related requirements
(a) after the name "activity plan is issued, please each unit shall be attached great importance to and to convey content to each employee, encourage employees to come up with new set, submit drafts, but each person up to recommend two naming scheme.
(2) after appropriate review and selection of the staff naming scheme, the unit will send the electronic version to by May 31, 2015.
(3) the name, unit, position and contact information of the author shall be indicated in the named plan submitted.
4. Selection stage and research determination stage
(a) general manager office will be collected all the naming to collect, organize relevant personnel to review, and the primary selected 20 named, then submitted to the corresponding site for employees to vote, vote once per person.
(b) the company's leader will review the naming of the ticket-selection phase and finally determine the name of the headquarters building. Once adopted, its intellectual property is owned by the company.
5. Incentives
From high to low selection for phase with the naming of the top 10 rewards, sets 1, 2, 3, award, and mention the four awards, including 1 award, 1, 2, award, 2, 3, award, three, four, mention prize 2000 yuan respectively, 1000 yuan, 800 yuan, 600 yuan.
Vi. The final interpretation of this activity shall belong to the group company.
Contact person: jiang xiaoxia
Contact number: 0791-86640065-8033 186-7942-9218

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