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In recognition of the 2014 annual production and management advanced collective and advanced individual decision

2017-09-19 10:55:27

In 2014, through the joint efforts of all staff, the company completed well issued by the board of directors of the annual production and operation target, every task successfully completed, at the same time to emerge a batch of advanced collectives and advanced individuals. Through the careful summary and evaluation of each unit, the selection of advanced group 4, advanced individual 17. The following are the following:
First, advanced collective
Jiangxi color testing center co. LTD
Jiangxi nonferrous construction group co., LTD
Marketing management department
Jiangxi nonferrous construction group co., LTD
Advanced individuals
Li li jing, liu chun-kyo, xuanhua shuian kai wu
Wang Yang xie ruiping zeng qian qian army Chen wenxu feng
Xia lijun dai xiaoying, Yin zhiliang wang yi jun
March 3, 2015

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