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Decision on the establishment and appointment of department heads in the group company

2017-09-19 10:52:39

According to the research decision of the general manager of the group company on March 17, 2015, the establishment and department head of the department should be appointed as follows:
I. general manager assistant: hu shui liang, li xiaoqing, wen qingjie, zou xiangbao
Ii. Deputy chief engineer: longjian yuan-jin ho xiangbao ouyang lung
Iii. Deputy chief economist: zou xiangbao (concurrently)
Iv. Deputy chief accountant: huang guorong
5. General manager's office, administrative management department, human resources department and certification department
Director: zou peilin (concurrently)
Vi. Financial asset division, the ministry of finance, investment and financing department
Minister: chu zhong (concurrently)
Minister of legal affairs: li xiao-xiao (concurrently)
Minister of investment and development: hu shui liang (concurrently)
9. Minister of work department of party group: li xia ping (concurrently)
10. Contract management department, set cost accounting department, contract settlement department, audit department
Minister: zou xiangbao (concurrently)
The department of project management shall set up the production management department and the department of safety management
Minister: Jane qinghua (concurrently)
12. Market management department, set up sales department, bidding department
Minister: lu chunping (concurrently)
The chief engineer's office, the technical development department, the quality management department, the archives room
Director: huang zhen (concurrently)
International business division, set up overseas sales department and overseas engineering department
Minister: liu zhijian (concurrently)
The deputy heads of various departments of the group and the heads of the secondary departments shall be submitted to the general manager's office by the heads of all departments and submitted to the general manager's office to discuss the appointment after the discussion.
March 20, 2015

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