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Construction enterprise qualification management will use the new regulation

2017-09-19 11:10:30


In order to strengthen the supervision and management of construction activities, maintaining public interests and standardize the construction market order, to ensure the safety of construction engineering quality, promoting the healthy development of construction industry recently, the housing urban and rural construction ministry promulgated the regulations on administration of construction enterprise qualifications (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), effective as of March 1. At the same time, the construction enterprise qualification management regulations promulgated by the ministry of construction on June 26, 2007 shall be repealed at the same time.

The applicable scope of the regulations is for enterprises engaged in construction activities such as construction, expansion and reconstruction of civil engineering, construction engineering and line piping equipment installation. The competent department of housing and urban-rural development under the state council shall be responsible for the unified supervision and administration of the qualifications of the construction enterprises throughout the country. Construction enterprise qualification is divided into three series of construction general contracting qualification, professional contracting qualification and construction labor qualification.

According to the regulations, enterprises may engage in construction activities within the scope of qualification permits only after obtaining the certificate of quality certificate of construction enterprises. Enterprises may apply for one or more qualifications of construction enterprises. For the first application or extension of qualification, a minimum qualification shall be applied. Enterprises that obtain qualification certificates shall maintain assets, major personnel, technical equipment and other aspects to meet the requirements of the qualifications standards of the corresponding construction enterprises. Application to hide the truth about or provides false materials for construction enterprise qualifications and the qualification licensing organ shall not permit, and to give warning, the applicant may not subcontract it again to apply for construction enterprise qualifications in 1 years. Where an enterprise obtains the qualification of a construction enterprise through improper means such as deception or bribery, it shall be revoked by the original licensing authority; The competent department of housing and urban-rural construction of the local people's governments at or above the county level shall be given a warning and a fine of 30,000 yuan; The applicant shall not apply for the qualification of construction enterprise again within 3 years.

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