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The building market supervision division holds the third batch of municipal construction market information construction work department

2017-09-19 11:09:38

Two years for the implementation of the project quality management, accelerate the construction market regulation and credit information basic database construction, on March 10, the construction market regulation and supervision was held in Beijing construction market and credit information basic database construction work deployment. Shandong, yunnan, heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, jiangxi, hubei, qinghai, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, guizhou, guangxi 13 a third group of connected cities housing urban and rural construction department in charge of relevant personnel to attend the meeting.

Meeting, construction market supervision department comrade hui-juan wu stressed that based construction market regulation and credit information database, construction of credit system, speed up the construction industry transformation construction market supervision mode, is the only way to promote reform and development of construction industry, construction administrative departments at all levels to work together to do the job. Comrade hui-juan wu to the third batch of 13 provinces and cities of informational construction market supervision and puts forward two requirements: one is the various provinces and cities housing, more attention must be paid to the competent administrative department for urban and rural construction and fully draw lessons from the advanced experience of the first batch of provinces and cities, a clear integration work platform construction goal, strive to be completed before the end of December 2015 platform construction tasks, and implement provincial data connectivity, achieve acceptance evaluation criteria. Construction market and supervision will be signed with the third batch of housing urban and rural construction administration department of the national construction market regulation and credit information basic database construction target responsibility, clear responsibility, agreed time limit, to ensure that the target tasks are completed on schedule. The supervision department of the construction market will provide technical support to the construction market supervision and informatization in various provinces and cities. Second, cities and cities and cities and cities should be realistic and realistic, and choose the right way to promote the construction of the integrated work platform in this province. With the purpose of industry supervision, we should strengthen coordination and implement the informatization work target of "data one library, supervision one network and management one line" at an early date.

Of platform technology support unit introduced the national construction market supervision and integrity of the construction of information system idea, system architecture and development process, interpretation of the "acceptance criteria", and demonstrates the provincial construction market regulation and credit information integration platform version "general". The representatives of 13 provinces and cities exchanged views on the progress, problems and steps of the construction market supervision information construction in the region respectively. Liaoning, hubei, guizhou, qinghai, xinjiang and other provinces and cities said it would in the unified deployment and under the guidance of the ministry, overcome difficulties, the positive work, strive for the early completion acceptance, on behalf of other provinces and cities also said they will finish the construction market supervision information work tasks.

The head of the general office of the construction market supervision department puts forward specific requirements for the next work: first, the leadership attaches importance to the premise. Informationization construction is a huge project, which involves a wide range of projects, which requires the attention, attention and support of the leaders to promote the information construction work. Second, the organization system is guarantee. The construction market supervision information is more than one department, and it is difficult to communicate. It is necessary to establish and perfect the unified coordination management mechanism to ensure the smooth operation of the work. Third, application is the core. Living building departments of provinces and cities, to adjust measures to local conditions, in combination with the practical situation of the region industry management information, should not be demanding a full and complete, one pace reachs the designated position, used in the process of building construction, application, while perfect method, pushed steadily and orderly. Fourth, implementation is key. The work time and heavy task, various provinces and cities built department to prepare the detailed work plan, speed up the pace to develop the regional construction market information construction work, ensure the realization and the central database of real-time connectivity.

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