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Building a new normal for future standardization -- experts read "deepening standards"

2017-09-19 11:08:48

Beijing, March 26 (xinhua) -- the state council on Tuesday released a plan to deepen the reform of standardization. The programme stressed the principle of streamlining administration and delegating power to streamline administration and delegating power, integrating international standards and coordinating the progress of the international system, and clarified the reform measures in six areas. The journalist interviewed tang wanjin, deputy director of China standardization research institute.

Bottom line: mandatory standards are stronger

The proposal puts forward the consolidation of mandatory standards. Gradually integrate the existing mandatory national standards, industry standards and local standards into mandatory national standards. Compulsory national standards shall be issued or authorized by the state council.

'mandatory standards are the bottom line for ensuring health and safety and protecting the environment,' Ms. Tang said. Mandatory standard at present, the outstanding problems existing in the management practice mainly displays in: the division management on overlapping indicators on the contradictions, important standard coordination difficulties, as well as beyond making, etc., caused our country compulsory standards "not strong", lack of scientific and authoritative.

Since mandatory standards involve public interests such as security and environmental protection, it is necessary to play the role of the mandatory standard "take the bottom line" for the well-being of the people. Tang wanjin said that through the reform, the state will strengthen the unified management of mandatory standards and establish a unified mandatory standard system. The issuance or authorization of approval by the state council will enhance its authority and seriousness, and more effectively promote the effective implementation of mandatory standards nationwide.

Meet market demand: group standards work more

The programme proposes to foster development community standards. Encourage society with corresponding ability, association, chamber of commerce, association and other social organizations and industry technology alliance, coordinate related market main body make joint meet the needs of the market and the innovation of standards, increase the effective supply standard.

Group standard is to meet the demand of market, rapid technological change and diversity, by professional influence and has the capability of the corresponding fields of society, associations, Chambers of commerce, the federation of technology alliance and other social organizations and industry standards.

Describe a soup, said foreign standard of group development is relatively mature, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Russia and other countries have a lot of standards to be formulated professional social organization, group standard not only is an important part of the national standards system, is also very active, very close to the market demand of the standard. With the vigorous development of industry associations, societies, associations, Chambers of commerce and associations, some social organizations have actively explored the development of group standards and achieved good results.

Tang wanjin believes that cultivating and developing group standards is needed to meet market diversification. The individual trend of consumption and the diversification of market, the single government supply model can not meet the demand of the market, and by setting up the group standard, it can effectively increase the standard supply.

Outstanding technology advancement: enterprise standard is higher

The programme proposed to open up the standards of living standards. We will establish an enterprise product and service standard and self-declare open and supervisory system. We will gradually eliminate the government's filing and management of enterprise product standards, and implement the corporate standardization responsibility.

'the quality and technological competition between companies is actually a competition for corporate standards,' Mr. Tang said. The enterprise standard reflects the manufacturing capacity and technical level of the enterprise. Practice proves that standardization is an important way for enterprises to excavate, innovate, transform and innovate, and also an important way to constantly improve the technological level of enterprises.

Tang wanjin believes that in order to meet the market competition demand and consumers' growing demand, only the pursuit and adoption of higher standards can gain advantages in market competition. Companies pursue higher standards, which are their intrinsic motivation.

He also said that the process of implementing new standards is also a process of applying and promoting new technologies. In the future, professional organizations to carry out the public to the enterprise standard of comparison and evaluation, will help the enterprises strengthen the consciousness of standardization and improve the level of standards, promote the promotion of the competitiveness of the enterprise products and services in China.

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