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The ministry of transport requires effective "two sections" of safe production

2017-09-19 11:05:18

On March 28, the ministry of transport issued a notice to the ministry of transport to make sure that the transportation and transportation safety during the "two festivals" was made.
Notification requirements around everywhere careful analysis situation and festival transportation passenger flow characteristics, formulate detailed measures to urge the enterprises earnestly implement the safe production responsibility, ensure that each work deployment in the grass-roots, security responsibilities to a line; Real hidden perils in strengthening management, supervise and urge the transportation enterprises to carry out the safety in production hidden danger of self-check, especially for during the festival to the production of transport transport, port, bus field, the construction site for a full hidden perils.
The transportation management departments at all levels should strengthen the key areas, key areas, key enterprises and the guidance of the inspection, the hidden perils in the supervision management, comprehensive screening in counties and townships and rural road operating passenger vehicles, as well as the inland waters, lakes, reservoir of passenger ships, boats, cruise ships, etc., that do not conform to the safe production conditions of enterprises and the means of transport, shall engage in production during the festival the transportation; We should strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments and increase joint law enforcement. We will urge passenger companies to strengthen their education training for drivers, improve their safety awareness and resilience, and strictly enforce the rules of "three stops and no outbound". To focus on strengthening counties and townships ferry ferry and rural road passenger transportation safety regulation, urged township township government and controllers, earnestly implement the villages and towns of ship safety management responsibility, strengthen the supervision of the ferry ferry spot during the holidays and fight happened personnel group die group of injury accidents caused by overload.

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