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The highway safety protection ordinance takes effect on July 1 this year

2017-09-11 11:06:23

By February 16, 2011, 144th executive meeting of the state council, no. 593 decree of the state council announced, the highway safety protection ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) will come into force as of July 1 this year. Regulate the regulations the people's governments at various levels and relevant departments, road management organizations, road management enterprises, as well as road users in the power of the highway safety protection, such as obligation, to guarantee the intact, safe and smooth traffic of highways; and to play the role of the national economy and people's life and production, promote economic and social sustainable development will provide a powerful legal guarantee.
The regulations are divided into six chapters: general, highway, highway, highway maintenance, legal liability, and supplementary provisions.

The regulations stipulate that the competent department of transportation and transportation shall be responsible for highway protection; To authorize the highway administration to be responsible for the supervision and administration of highway protection. At the same time, the regulations clarify the administrative penalty and the main status of administrative license.

Clear the regulations, the people's governments at or above the county level government and its relevant departments shall be engaged in highway management and maintenance costs, as well as road management organizations to exercise the expenditures of a highway administrative functions into the fiscal budget at the corresponding level.

"Byelaw" regulation, the people's governments at or above the county level shall be formulated by the competent department of transportation of earthquakes, landslides, damaged roads such as rain and snow freeze disaster emergency contingency plans, the people's government at the corresponding level for approval after implementation; Highway management agencies and highway management enterprises shall organize emergency response plans according to the highway emergency contingency plans formulated by the competent department of transportation and transportation, and organize emergency drills regularly. Countries to establish and perfect the system of highway emergency supplies reserves guarantee, perfect emergency supplies reserves, mixing system, ensure highway emergency occurs can meet the need of the emergency disposal.

The regulations emphasize that the dimensions of the vehicles, the axial load and the total quality shall be in line with the national security technical standards, such as the size, axle load and quality limit of vehicles. If the vehicle needs to be refitted, it shall be modified by the corresponding qualified vehicle production enterprises in accordance with the prescribed models and technical parameters. For freight vehicles exceeding 3 times during the period of 1 year, the road transport authority shall revoke its vehicle operation certificate; For freight vehicle drivers who illegally exceed three times in one year, the road transport authority shall order them to stop engaging in commercial transport; Road transport enterprises shall order road transport enterprises to suspend business for rectification within one year after the illegal over-limit transport of freight vehicles exceeds 10% of the total number of freight vehicles in this unit. If the circumstances are serious, the road transport operation license shall be revoked and the social announcement shall be made.

The regulations further provisions in respect of highway maintenance highway often in good technical status, refers to the physical condition of highway itself in accordance with the requirements of the related technical standard, including road surface level off, smooth road shoulder, slope, related facilities in good condition. Rules for vehicle load after drop, heritage is aspersed, skirts, vehicle drivers, escort personnel did not take timely measures to deal with, resulting in another person's personal and property damage, road transport enterprises, vehicle drivers shall be liable for compensation according to law. At the same time, it is stipulated that the unit that is engaged in highway maintenance work should have the corresponding qualification, and the condition that the qualification should have. The regulations also stipulates that the use of highways for permanent cessation of use shall be scrapped and disposed of in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the competent department of transportation and transportation under the state council and shall be declared to the public.

The regulations have further refined, expanded and standardized the administrative licensing of highways. One is to further clarify that the highway management agency is the subject of renewal of the clearance of the forest. The second is to expand the construction permission objects of the road, and add the two projects that use the highway to fly the non-highway sign and the road crossing crossing. The third is to standardize the content of material submitted by the application for the construction of the road; After the completion of the construction of the road, the highway management organization shall carry out the quality acceptance of highway and highway facilities.

Other relevant provisions of the regulations on highway safety protection have also been clarified.

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