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He visited the guangzhou branch of construction group

2017-09-09 17:38:42

   "Great geology" is on the basis of the traditional geological prospecting, further surveying and mapping, engineering, hydraulic loop, covers the disaster prevention and control, urban geology, agricultural geology, tourism geology, and many other emerging geological technical services, has a huge market potential. And the engineering construction industry should highlight its own characteristics and develop with the center of "great geology". In the discussion of the yunzhan high-speed project in guangzhou branch of construction group, he emphasized.
On May 24, solstice 25, the director of the bureau, zheng sisheng, deputy head of the provincial nuclear industry geology bureau, was stationed in guangzhou branch of the construction group to investigate and discuss. Zhou pei, director of the bureau, accompanied by huang zhongliang, party secretary of the construction group.
Guangzhou branch manager Luo Dasheng line construction group is introduced to research group in the pearl river delta regional market development course and the present situation of guangzhou branch branch He Xiangbao general introduced YunZhan highway project in management in strict accordance with the owner unit "double standard" requirement, innovative ways of various achievements and experience.
Born what view, director of the fully affirmed the guangzhou branch in the economic and social benefits obtained, especially YunZhan high-speed project created within the bid project schedule, quality, safety, etc, more than the first, won the "excellent project prize" intends, "" safe site demonstration projects and the" bridge frame beam construction safety subentry project "benchmarking, situation is gratifying, created a market for jiangxi nonferrous brand competitive advantage. He pointed out that guangzhou branch will continue to play a role of bridgehead in the pearl river delta area, do bigger and stronger construction industry, and the coordinated development of the centre of the geological, expand jiangxi nonferrous brand influence, improve market share. The yunzhan high-speed project should attach great importance to safety and standardize the construction of site civilization. Late project safety consciousness can't slack off, not because the project is completed and relax the safety management, the more late project, the more necessary to strengthen safety management, eliminate safety hidden danger in time, prevent accidents, do safety management wake-up call, often catch ever new.
According to integrity, risk prevention and control work in the field of engineering construction, Zheng Qian put forward clear requirements of guangzhou branch, one is to "two learn how to make a" learning education earnestly normalized institutionalization, improve self-cultivation of party members, improve the party's style of the cultivation of clean government responsibility system; Second, we should standardize management, and discuss and make decisions on major issues. Three is to further enhance the implementation of paragraph 8 of consciousness, initiative, more understands the significance of the eight rules consciously cultivate discipline idea and self-discipline consciousness, strictly implement the provisions impose discipline, strict constraints, remain vigilant themselves, resist the temptation, control section, start from the specific details, section; Four is to actually learn to xi jinping, general secretary of political requirements, grasp the correct political orientation, pay attention to improve the political ability, is good at see the big picture, from the political problem, good at planning, deployment, promote political work.
Huang zhongliang made demands on the late management of yunzhan expressway project. Firstly, it is good to do the project settlement work, improve the construction change data and strive for better results. The second is to timely summarize the experience gained by project construction management and provide construction management standards for the new projects of the company. Thirdly, it attaches importance to the construction safety in the later stage of the project, especially the traffic safety.
During the investigation, he inspected the office base of guangzhou branch and the scene of huang-lam rapid trunk project.

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