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The construction group test center obtains the asphalt needle penetration and softening point comparison of the transportation department

2017-09-08 18:12:00

      Recently, the general office of the ministry of transport on the highway engineering test 2016 asphalt penetration and softening point comparison test, the result of the test center of construction group has the highest ratings "satisfaction".
The comparison test not only provided the center with an opportunity to exchange views with other members, but also greatly enhanced the visibility and influence of the center in the industry. And has the highest ratings also reflected the central experimental detection ability, the center system effective operation and internal management norms, industry overall technical level is higher, to the company business development will play an important role.
It is reported that there are 155 test organizations participating in this comparison test. Among them, there are 98 comprehensive grade a institutions in highway engineering testing and testing, and 57 comprehensive grade b institutions for highway engineering testing and testing. This experiment was conducted in accordance with the data statistical analysis and the test data review, and compared the test results with the "satisfaction", "the basic satisfaction" and "dissatisfaction". The "basic satisfaction" and "dissatisfaction" of the results should be rectified by the provincial traffic quality supervision agency.
For the comparison test, the test center all the test personnel since late December, independently conduct 2 months of overtime, strive to achieve scientific and standardized, accurate and orderly, to ensure smooth through the comparison test.

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