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The construction group Kenya office repasses the winning bid

2017-09-19 09:46:15

       The Kenya office of the construction group received the award notice of the RC413 highway project on March 9 after the project of the RC423 road project in Kenya.
The title of the project is based on the name of the project, which is based on the name of the project. Contract no. RWC413, the owner of the Kenyan village road bureau. The contract value of the contract was $1719.89 million, equivalent to 119 million yuan.
The construction contents are mainly civil and road works, with a length of 30 km, width 6m and shoulder 2 x 0.5 m. The period of work is 30 months, the quality guarantee period is 12 months, the curing period is 36 months. At present, construction group is organizing equipment, materials and personnel to enter into construction.

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