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"Go out" to expand the overseas market

2017-09-19 09:45:09

Zhu dongxiang, general manager of construction group, held a meeting on overseas market expansion
       On March 9, zhu dongxiang, chairman and general manager of construction group, held a meeting on overseas market expansion. The meeting conveys learning about the spirit of the work, and analyzes and emphasizes the meaning of "going out", how to "go out" and "go out".
Zhu dongxiang pointed out that "going out" is to adapt to the domestic international economic situation and realize the need of group transformation. It is necessary to adapt to the shrinking scale of the domestic construction engineering market and the competition and to realize the medium - and long-term development of the group. At the same time, it is necessary to implement the spirit of the work conference and complete the adjustment of global industrial layout. He asked, "go out", all personnel must establish firm confidence, active participation, actively understand local policies and laws, prevent traps, prudent decision-making. We should make full use of social resources. He also stressed that people should pay attention to safety, especially traffic safety, pay attention to their own health conditions, and ensure the safety of personal safety and company property.
Zhu Dongxiang of group of "going out" is also the direction of industrial development, he points out that the early stage of the group's overseas market development is given priority to with engineering construction field, the late should actively, safely, advance step by step, gradually develop in the direction of the geological and mining industry, and when the time is ripe to trade and business service industry development.
Vice President of the group liu strong, international business department head wenqing jie and other personnel from the department attended the meeting.

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