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Kenyan President uhuru kenyatta attends the construction of the group's RWC433 highway in Kenya

2017-09-19 09:44:14

       Local time on March 13, Kenya's President, uhuru kenyatta, attended the construction of rural highway construction group, Kenya's office in Kenya RWC433 highway project opening ceremony, and for the project construction.
Uhuru President during our project department staff accompanied by Chen Jiangtan and others view the project bid lots before 3 kilometers along the existing roads and listen to the project department construction preparation, for the Chinese employees in Ken's contribution in the construction of infrastructure. In opening ceremony speech, he called on government departments and local residents during the project construction actively cooperate with us, supporting the construction of rural road construction, and hope our smoothly and finish construction task.
The project is located in the town of Mombasa Samburu starting point, end point in Kinango town, 51 kilometers, the total length of the project construction to upgrade and maintenance of the existing road, the main construction contents include bridge, box culvert construction, asphalt double tables, and ancillary facilities of roads construction, etc. The project will improve local travel conditions and improve the living standards of local residents.
Vice President William ruto, deputy minister of transport John k. mosonick, attended the opening ceremony.

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