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"Learn lei feng's love" - the exploration house (construction group) into the qingshan lake district luo

2017-09-19 09:41:52

      On March 21, prospecting institute party committee secretary Huang Zhongliang, GuanXiaoHua, youth corps committee, vice President of the union representing a row of eight people learn lei feng activities team into the qingshan lake area under LuoGu Town maple elementary school, for the school children sent to school bags, stationery and other school supplies and basketball, rope skipping and other sporting goods, and for the installation of outdoor LED electronic screen.
The donation ceremony, the school principal was not widely on behalf of the school full of prospecting institute education aid team to school to donate a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks, and praise the good deeds will motivate aid-receiving students work harder, units return donations and society with excellent achievement.
Huang Zhongliang said to donate this action is intended to call and led a prospecting institute focus support basic education career, prospecting institute will continue to focus on and support the development of under the maple elementary school, carry on to donate activity for a long time, for basic education career contribution strength. He hopes that the children will overcome difficulties and develop a psychological quality of optimism and failure. They will be able to live happily, grow up healthily and study hard and be useful to the society in the future. In the warm applause, huang zhongliang and guan xiaohua represented the lei feng activity group to donate education materials to the students.
This event not only received a warm welcome from the teachers and students of the university, but also attracted the attention of the education bureau of qingshan lake district, which reported the activity on its official website on the same day.


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