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Encounter, love is wonderful

2017-09-19 09:38:05

The construction group held a large fraternity
      On March 30, the construction group and nanchang affiliated primary school affiliated to the university of nanchang in the crown hotel jointly organized the unit special field fellowship activities. The special activities to make friends, notice has attracted various units of single men and women, from the office, ore prospecting institute, material management center, construction group and the primary school attached to nanchang university, 65 young people to become the leading role. A normal day, bring them different unforgettable memories.
The party and government leaders of each unit attach great importance to the event and are all present to cheer up. At 3pm, the fraternity kicked off in the opening speech of huang zhongliang, party secretary of the construction group. The whole activity lasted for nearly three hours, and the atmosphere of joy, harmony and jubilation continued throughout. You can get the props from the game. You need to be punished for failure. With each game link and each tacit cooperation, people from the opening hour of the slightly restrained, beginning to gradually close each other's distance.

Huang zhongliang's speech

Event site

       At the end of the fellowship, the host was in a group of WeChat group, giving everyone an extra chance. After the live event, we had a dinner party. We drank together and enjoyed the evening. The fraternity has made it possible for single men and women to bond with each other.


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