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  • Construction qualification

    General contracting of highway construction
    General contracting of building construction
    General contracting of municipal public works construction
    The highway pavement engineering professional contract one grade
    The highway subgrade project is specialized in contracting one grade
    The bridge project is a grade one
    The highway traffic engineering professional traffic safety facilities sub-item
    Construction of highway maintenance works (class, class ii, class b)
    Grade one grade of foundation and basic engineering
    Decoration decoration professional contract grade
    Geological disaster prevention and control engineering survey class a
    Geological disaster prevention and control engineering construction class a
    Geological exploration drilling for grade a
    Hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology survey a
    Surveying and mapping division
    Geological experiment test (rock ore test) class a CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate
    Class b of highway engineering complex (test detection)
    Solid mineral exploration class b
    Land planning agency b
    Engineering survey class b
    Engineering consulting grade b
    Real estate development qualification
    Foreign business cooperation and operation qualification

  • Jitc certification

    Quality IS09001:2008 system
    Environment IS014004:2004 system certification
    Occupational safety and health: GB/T28001:2001